Our Care to Know model suggests that problem-formulation has become a lost art. Questions are devalued as a thinking tool, shutting down peoples’ problem-identification too early. Perceived solutions are often paired to the wrong problem, or to a surface-level symptom.

Our model is a philosophy and platform serving clients and advisors who Care to Know the full landscape of their issues and choices. We find that the magic and nuance of elegant solutions are usually found in the last 10% of research. That’s why we invite a refreshing breadth of perspectives, disciplines and resources.

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Thought Leader Community providing resources, education, and advice via collaborative think tanks, events, programs, online content, and introductions.

Helping affluent families get to the heart of highly relevant matters and resolve messes in the areas of integrated tax and estate planning, business succession, and family governance counseling.

Leading business owners through all phases of transition where increased clarity, net cash flow, and market value expands and solidifies choices for business transition: if, when, how, how much, and to whom.

In our We-driven model, collaboration itself is a craft. It’s the art and science of how people work together to ask broader questions and create better outcomes. We model this in our own lives and teach it in our communities.

We-driven means forming the team after the client’s problem is thoroughly formulated, not before. Then, we’re agnostic about who does the work, often referring clients to organizations who do what we do, simply because they’re a better fit for the family at hand.

For advisors, this We-driven mindset is transformational. With our community as your resource, you don’t have to master the answer to every client quandary. Instead you become courageously armed with the right questions and resources.

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